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“Unleash your Inner Natural With the Five Principles of Natural Seduction in a proven 6-week course Even if you’ve struggled with approach anxiety
Even if you’ve never been ‘good’ with women, Even if you always struggled with social fear”

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There are a select group of men in the single scene who dominate over all others. They are not necessarily the most handsome or rich, the ones with the best bodies or fastest cars.
They are the Naturals – Men who understand the matrix of social dynamics, understand what women really want and who are unafraid to take what they want.

They are direct, bold and honest.
They are respected by men and lusted after by women.
Their lives are adventures of personal discovery and amazing love affairs.

They were not born this way.
They learned to read their social environments, to own their desires and show them to the world without apology.
You can be one of them.

James Marshall is the head coach and founder of The Natural Lifestyles. Dating coach, musician, martial artist and social theorist, James travels the world full time as a major speaker at men’s events and coaches men on all aspects of becoming a true natural ladies man. From deep inner confidence, creative lifestyle design to the most powerful and authentic methods of seduction available.

James Marshall – 5 Principles of Natural Seduction – Principles (Week 1-5)
– Missions (Week 1-5)
– Webinars (Week 1-5)
Infield Analysis
5 Interviews with Gurus
Meditation Audios
Sexual Escalation Seminars

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5 Principles of Natural Seduction – The Natural Lifestyle
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