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Permanently eliminate your sugar cravings in just 7 days by using behavioural psychology to change your relationship with food.

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Most people think I am ultra healthy, but sugar is my reward and comfort. It’s there when I am feeling down, bored, happy, you name it, sugar goes with it for me.

But sugar isn’t always so sweet anymore. I have very little freedom around it. I constantly fight cravings and often just give in. I suspect my sugar intake for ongoing inflammation issues. I have 10 lbs that, even while training for a 10k, won’t budge. So, the week before my 50th birthday, I am breaking up with sugar.

It’s not you, it’s me. Really, you’ve been great. Always there when I needed you, but I still have feelings for my health.

In the past, I have successfully removed sugar from my diet. Doing so helped me to lose weight and was an important factor in curing my perioral dermatitis (POD), but knowing I should do something and doing it, are not the same. I desperately want to give up sugar, but without an embarrassing rash to motivate me, I need some outside help.

Enter Eric Edmeades of WildFit and his mini-quest, “7 days to Breaking Up with Sugar”. A challenge to “end your sugar dependency and forever change your relationship with food.”

It uses sugar to take advantage of our natural programming. We biologically crave sugar. Sugar tastes good and triggers hunger. Even when we are full, sugar stimulates us to eat more.
It employs clever marketing to reinforce our cultural conditioning to associate celebrations with sweets. Most holidays or special occasions wouldn’t be the same without a good dose of sugar. Watch any food commercial – sugary food makes everything better and more fun!

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7 Days To Breaking Up With Sugar – Eric Edmeades – Mindvalley