A Journey to Infinitheism – Mahatria – Mindvalley



Achieve your boldest goals and awaken your soul’s brightest potential with Mahatria: the revolutionary spiritual teacher to today’s leading CEOs and high performers

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A wise guru in flowing robes sits perched on a snow-capped mountain top.

His eyes are shut. His mind and body are still. His lips trace ancient incantations.

And although he has released all worldly attachments, his soul is one with all that is.

When most people think of “spiritual enlightenment”, this kind of lofty image comes to mind.

It’s a far cry from the real world you live in daily…

Because unlike you, the guru doesn’t have audacious goals to pursue. He’s unworried about his performance or productivity.

And even if he had clients or co-workers – they’d never reach him all the way up on that mountain.

So how could he possibly show you the answer to becoming the best version of yourself?

This disconnect between our perception of spirituality, and its ultimate truth… is the reason most of us never harness our souls to awaken our true power.

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A Journey to Infinitheism – Mahatria – Mindvalley
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