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Becoming More Loving by Gelong Thubten and it focuses on developing compassion and forgiveness. It’s a short quest at 7 days. Compassion and forgiveness are two character traits that I want in my life. They feel good. It feels crappy to be judgemental and hold onto grudges. Those negative things add to your stress level if you are already stressed – believe me, I know! Lacking compassion and being unable to forgive keeps me from focusing on what I want to focus on and being productive in my personal and professional life.

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In the quest, Gelong Thubten teaches:

The limitations of compassion.
How to do a compassion meditation.
How to expand compassion.
What forgiveness really is.
How you can use your thoughts to practice forgiveness.
How you can experience forgiveness.
How to experience the feeling of letting go.
During the quest, you write a letter to someone that you need to forgive and then pour your heart out about how you feel. Then at the end of the quest, you look at the letter and see how much pain is still there.

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Becoming More Loving – Gelong Thubten – Mindvalley
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