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Intermittent fasting has become a global phenomenon in recent years.

And unlike many other health or diet trends, it’s been rigorously proven as an effective and accessible practice for almost anyone.

Yet if you’re fasting the way most people do, which is to simply change when you eat – then you’re barely scraping the surface of what it can really do for you.

Plus, you’re likely opening yourself to some of the common pitfalls: like debilitating hunger, inconsistency, or subpar results.

But when you fast the right way, you experience a total and sustainable transformation of your body and mind.

This includes a lifetime of better health. A healthier metabolism and digestive system. Optimal weight. And even a renewed relationship with food, hunger, and yourself.

These life-changing outcomes are yours with Beyond Fasting: a science-based 28-day protocol that opens you to fasting’s full spectrum of benefits, without the struggle or uncomfortable starvation.
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Beyond Fasting – Ronan Diego de Oliveira – Mindvalley
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