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Booked: The System that Has Been Tested in Over 50,000 Sales Conversations and Has Knowingly Generated $50 Million in Sales Over the Past 25 Years

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When Lindsay started doing sales 25 years ago, she was “the worst salesperson in the world”. Her integrity and empathy did not only get in the way of her selling to others…. it actually made her turn down people who were ready to buy and needed her the most.

Today, she is the go-to sales expert for coaches, speakers, teachers and authors. Some of the biggest names in the industry get in line to learn from her. And her average sale for the last couple years has been a $36,000 package.

“Wait a minute… How is that possible?”, you might want to ask.

How did Lindsay go from being “the worst salesperson in the world” to becoming the most sought after sales expert?

How did she transform her mindset and realize that sales is not manipulation… but selling is actually serving instead?

And how did she transition from being a broke salesperson to closing an incredible $50 million over the last 25 years?

I’ll tell you what Lindsay did to flip the script in just a second….

But first, here’s what’s most important for you to know:

It was not her integrity or her empathy that kept her from being good at sales.
It was the fact that the sales methods she’d been taught were not congruent with her values and beliefs.

Those sales tactics felt manipulative and pushy. Fake and dishonest…. And they made everything inside of her scream “NO” with resistance.

Sound familiar?

See, Lindsay was basically left with 2 options:

Walk away from sales forever and give up because it’s “just not for her”. Or…

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Booked – Lindsay Wilson – Mindvalley
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