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Mindvalley’s New Quest From Leading Chakra Expert, Anodea Judith
Experience the Fastest, Easiest Path Towards Balancing Your Chakras & Your Life
Embark On A Transformational Journey That Re-Aligns All Aspects Of Your Being — Mind, Body & Spirit — So You Can Awaken Your Fullest Creation Power.

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Imagine if you had a “roadmap” that could lead you towards your most ideal and greatest life?
A step-by-step guide that if you were to follow, would effortlessly unfold your fullest potential in every area of your human experience.

And help you create the sort of balance in your health, wealth, relationships, purpose, love and more that most people only dream about.

Well, that roadmap exists within all of us — even you.

It’s the hidden energetic system that flows within our bodies known as the chakras. A comprehensive blueprint of how to use your energy to elevate every element that makes you, you.

Problem is, while we all have this roadmap at our disposal. Most of us struggle to use it effectively.

We hit dead ends. We make energy-sapping detours. And when we get lost, we feel like we just can’t get ahead in life.

The vast majority of conventional personal growth practices only ever focus on a single area of life, let alone the energetic causes behind our biggest problems and challenges.

Those who do try to explain how our energy or our chakras influences our reality, they often fall short of providing the kind of holistic, practical, easy-to-understand guidance you need to fully grasp and harness this phenomenon.

In the Chakra Healing Quest with Anodea Judith, you’ll be exposed to Anodea’s 4 decades of wisdom in both the ancient healing system of the chakras, and her vast knowledge in clinical psychology. And what you’ll get is the most comprehensive and practical guide to balancing all seven of your chakras — minus the mysticism that’s often attached to it — and in turn your life.

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Chakra healing – Anodea Judith – Mindvalley
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