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A High Ticket Closer™ is a sales professional who closes high-ticket offers for a business.High Ticket Closers™ also receive additional training from HubSpot and will be able to get Hubspot’s Certifications after they’ve finished the training and passed their tests. A few of HubSpot’s sales training include Sales Enablement, Frictionless Sales, Inbound Sales…Combined with the HTC’s materials, these premium sales training from HubSpot will add another layer of sophistication to all HTC graduate’s skill levels and tremendously help them close deals at a much higher rate.

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Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Program
The High Ticket Closer Certification Program is a 7-week highly intensive training program conducted by my mentor or my sifu, The King of High Ticket Sales, Dan Lok, who will show you the high income skill of closing high ticket sales.

This is not like any kind of online training courses where you watch video tutorials and that’s it. Dan teaches this HTC program LIVE, meaning you have a multi-millionaire on the other side talking to you, showing you how to learn and master this skill.

As one of the graduates of this program, this is the most intensive program I have ever taken. Every student within the program is required to do A LOT of work on top of going through every class. To be able to make tons of money with this kill, you MUST put in the work. If you expect to make money without the work, you can stop reading here.

As mentioned, the HTC program is a 7-week program with weekly assignments. There a few weeks of which are pre-recorded modules of previous live classes and other weeks are done LIVE with Dan, Myself (Yes, I still attend classes) and other successful HTC graduates. Here is what the program will look like:

Other programs teach you to use aggressive, salesy techniques to close deals. Dan will show you the opposite right in the first week.

This is the week where you will see how you never need to be push at all. In fact the less pushy you are, the more successful you are likely to be.

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High Ticket Closer Certification – Dan Lok
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