KWIK RECALL: 31 Days Of The World’s Best Memory Training – Jim Kwik [Updated 2024]

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This is a group buy pre-order and would we available maximum by 31st December, 2024. You would get access to the old syllabus until then. After the group buy is finished, prices will increase to $59. Please refer to the description to understand more.

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This product is currently available as a group buy pre-order. Here’s how it works: As soon as 15 customers purchase this course, we will buy the original course and make it available on our platform. During this period, you will have access to the old syllabus. Once the group buy is complete, the new updated course will be accessible to all participants.

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After the group buy ends, the price will increase to $59.


Enhance your memory and cognitive skills with KWIK RECALL: 31 Days Of The World’s Best Memory Training, led by the world-renowned brain coach Jim Kwik. This updated 2024 version of the course offers you a comprehensive memory training program designed to transform your recall abilities in just one month. Secure your spot now and start your journey to a better memory.


  • Daily Training: Engage in 31 days of scientifically-backed memory exercises that take just 15-20 minutes each day.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Jim Kwik, a leading expert in brain performance, speed reading, and memory improvement.
  • Downloadable Worksheets: Apply what you learn with 31 downloadable worksheets designed to reinforce each lesson.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Gain access to bonus training sessions on teaching children memory techniques and strategies for remembering dreams.
  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to the course materials, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your learning at any time.

Why You Should Buy:

  • Proven Techniques: Benefit from techniques refined over decades, used by top achievers including celebrities, executives, and entrepreneurs.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Cover essential memory skills, including remembering names, learning new languages, and improving recall of numbers and dates.
  • Early Access and Savings: Secure your spot in the updated program and take advantage of the pre-order price before it increases.
  • Continuous Learning: Access to the old syllabus ensures you can start improving your memory immediately while waiting for the updated content.

Transform Your Memory: Join the ranks of high performers and significantly enhance your memory with KWIK RECALL. Whether you’re a student, professional, or lifelong learner, this course provides the tools you need to excel in all areas of life. Pre-order now to lock in your price and begin your journey towards a superhuman memory.

Customer Testimonials:

  • “Jim Kwik’s memory training is life-changing. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my ability to recall information quickly and accurately.” – John D.
  • “The techniques taught in KWIK RECALL are simple yet incredibly effective. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to boost their cognitive abilities.” – Sarah M.

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KWIK RECALL: 31 Days Of The World’s Best Memory Training – Jim Kwik [Updated 2024]
$397 Original price was: $397.$26Current price is: $26. Pre-Order Now