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Discover A Powerful Universal Technology That Goes Beyond Traditional Goal Setting & Manifestation To Help You Tap Into What The Universe Has In Store For You.

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Are you trapped living a life too small?
This Quest is for people who’re dissatisfied with modern goal-setting which leads to so many of us waking up one day in our 40s and beyond wondering what on earth happened to our life. This happens because we often set goals not on what our soul wants us to do, but what society wants us to do.

Forget society.

Listen to your soul.

What If The Path To Your Most Fulfilling Life Has Already Been Written By The Universe?
And all you needed to do was accept it? As per Dr. Michael Beckwith, there are no extra people on this planet. Each and every one of us is born for a special reason, a unique purpose that only we can fulfill.

The best part is — The Universe is always on your side and is constantly working for you to realize your unique purpose.

Still, most people still feel so deeply dissatisfied with where their lives are heading. If it’s heading anywhere at all.

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Life Visioning Mastery – Michael Bernard Beckwith – Mindvalley
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