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Mindvalley Mentoring is Vishen’s inner circle: a platform for sharing his personal journey – which includes his most valuable learnings, mentors, and breakthroughs – with people who just like him are looking to live an extraordinary life, and make an extraordinary impact.

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What You’ll Learn
Supercharge Your Performance:

Witness how the world’s top performers do amazing work, exhibit superhuman productivity, and solve impossible challenges. Then, absorb their daily habits and practices to amplify your own effectiveness.

Widen Your Skillset:

Train your brain to become more ‘elastic’, and discover mind hacks that allow you to quickly master new skills, and even discover gifts and talents you never knew you had.

Strengthen Your Growth Mindset:

Overcome fear, setbacks, and distractions – and rewire your mind to be unshakably focused on your growth and self-evolution, every single day.

Elevate Your Self-Awareness:

Gain a deeper understanding of your conditioning, your strengths and weaknesses, and your emotions – so you can live a life that’s beautifully aligned with your most authentic self.

Think Bigger & Bolder:

Break free from the blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back from playing a bigger game and making an extraordinary impact in your work and your passions.

Manifest Your Dreams:

Amplify your ‘creation power’, allowing you to create opportunities, outcomes, and even synchronicities that rocket you towards your biggest, boldest dreams.

Expand Your Influence:

Discover how to be a better communicator, persuader, and team player – so you can expand your circle of influence, and create positive change in your field of work, your community, and even the world.

Upgrade Your Quality Of Life:

Design a fulfilling and authentic lifestyle where you’re thriving in every dimension: career, wealth, health, relationships, spirituality, and more. Every moment of every day is spent living on your terms instead of anyone else’s

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Mindvalley Mentoring – Bonus – Mindvalley
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