Paradoxical Nature of Change – Christina Hall



Christina presents generative change strategies to guide the process of generalization beyond paradoxical either-or thinking to open up possibilities where there appeared to be none – therefore, an indispensable tool for anyone who desires to make a timely contribution to the development of their clients.

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The Video Book consists of 11 MP4-files. Particular areas of exploration and “paradoxical” intervention will include:
Contextual Mapping: Identify double-binds that produce problem states and learn how to open up possibilities in ways that enrich your life and interactions with others.
Structure of Integration: The Polarities of Balance: Experiment with the Interdependence of Opposites to create generative change.
Structure of Paradox and Transcending the Paradox: Chunk up and out of the double-bind using Meta-Chaining.
Transform Conflict into Creativity: Utilize innovative counter-example strategies to chunk out of problematic double-binds, opening up greater flexibility in thinking and in action.
CHI Strategy: Transcend the dilemma of either-or thinking to liberate the expansion of choice.
Diamond Strategy: Reorganize beliefs to build a solid foundation of resource, choice and accomplishment, advancing your personal development.
Aikido Strategy: Experiment with a simple and artful path of discovery by acknowledging with non-judgmental awareness, inner power and compassion the situations of life as a springboard to greater freedom and perspective.
Lotus Swish Pattern: Chain swishes as an unconscious future-pacing pattern to accomplish outcomes in ways that actualize greater potential.

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Paradoxical Nature of Change – Christina Hall
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