Tan France Teaches Style for Everyone – Masterclass



Tan France has styled thousands of people on and off camera over the past 20 years. Now he’s sharing his comprehensive and transformational approach to developing your own personal style.

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Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe; select colors, shapes, and patterns that work for your body and your unique personality; and discover the confidence to look and feel your best, every day. S91E01 – Meet Your Instructor
S91E02 – The Rules of Great Style
S91E03 – Capsule Wardrobe
S91E04 – Creating Looks From Your Capsule Wardrobe
S91E05 – Developing Your Personal Style
S91E06 – The Right Fit
S91E07 – Incorporating Color
S91E08 – Playing With Prints and Textures
S91E09 – How to Shop
S91E10 – Behind The Scenes of Queer Eye
S91E11 – Staying Current
S91E12 – Owning It

For complete information about this course, visit the course link below:,wardrobe%20that%20fits%20your%20life.&text=Tan%20reveals%20the%20simple%20but,let%20go%20of%20the%20rules.

Tan France Teaches Style for Everyone – Masterclass