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Ever get the feeling that you’re helplessly, frustratingly stuck?

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At times you might feel stuck in your body: whether it’s physical pain, fatigue, or even just the logistical drama of your consciousness being shackled to a meat sack.

Maybe you also feel stuck in your mind: like through emotional pain, unwanted habits or patterns you can’t shake off, or sad memories seared onto you like a tattoo.

Or it could even be more of a soul affair: in the sense of a longing for a clearer purpose, direction, or a connection to your true self or the Universe.

But why stay stuck when you can fly?

Astral projection (also known as a controlled out-of-body experience) is the ultimate spiritual practice that rockets you far beyond your perceived limitations –

Towards a multi-dimensional wellspring of growth, freedom, and clarity.

Whether you use it to explore your deepest truths or the farthest reaches of the cosmos, it’s an exhilarating, fascinating, transformative, soul-opening, rejuvenating, accessible, and completely natural experience.

And now that everyone from quantum physicists to Hollywood producers can’t stop talking about it – it’s one that more and more people are waking up to.

Unlike what you may have been told, astral projection isn’t hard. Anyone can pick it up fast, and no special skills or gifts are necessary.

All you need to do is follow the correct, proven steps.

And these steps are what you’re guided through in The Art Of Astral Projection: a program with acclaimed altered states teacher Jade Shaw that elevates you into a high-flying explorer of the astral realms in just 28 days or less.

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The Art of Astral Projection – Jade Shaw – Mindvalley
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