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The Integral Life program guides you towards applying an integral perspective in all five aspects of your life:
Work The entire program gives you a strong foundation in AQAL (All Quadrants, All Levels): which is Ken’s all-encompassing framework for Integral Theory. The Integral Life guides you towards applying them all in a cohesive, and infinitely more rewarding manner in every dimension of your life.

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What You’ll Learn
A Richer Spiritual Awareness:
You’ll develop a deeper connection with the invisible forces and subtle energies that shape reality and your true nature as a spiritual being.

A Higher State Of Consciousness:
You’ll discover how to access higher states of consciousness – where previously unreachable levels of clarity and self-awareness await.

Profound Empathy For Others:
You’ll gain the ability to transcend the illusion of separation, and truly embrace the diversity of perspectives and emotions around you.

Better Decision Making:
By mastering the Integral perspective, you’ll gain an elevated viewpoint from which to make decisions that are more accurate and in line with your truths.

Deep Self-Healing:
You’ll feel more whole and fulfilled than ever, as you heal spiritual and emotional wounds often caused by a disconnection from your most authentic nature.

Career Elevations:
Your heightened sense of personal power and self-mastery will reward you with astonishing new levels of productivity and performance in your work.

A Well-Rounded, Full-Bodied Life:
You’ll transcend the need to sacrifice one area of life for another, and instead embrace a reality where all your needs and desires are easily met.

A Strong Connection To Source:
You’ll establish an unshakable connection to the Universe and Collective Consciousness – from which you’ll gain infinite support and guidance.

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The Integral Life – Ken Wilber – Mindvalley
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