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Introducing Mindvalley’s New Quest With Dr. Michael Breus: America’s #1 Sleep Doctor Featured On The Dr. Oz Show And Oprah. Turn Your Sleep Into A Catalyst For Superior Health, Energy & Cognitive Abilities

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Are your sleeping habits silently robbing you of your health, your beauty, your day-to-day functioning, your energy levels, your emotional balance or even cutting years of your life?

We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep… Or at least, we should.

But with the deadly “sleep less, hustle more” mentality forced upon us in our increasingly competitive and busy world, sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice to make more time in our day.

We want more time to spend with our kids.

More time to work on our career goals.

More time to pursue that side hustle.

More time for just about everything else in life.

But every night of poor sleep you get comes at a steep price that you will eventually have to pay at the expense of your health.

Most people just don’t realize this because…

Michael Breus
Dr. Michael Breus Ph.D

You’ve been fed lies about sleep.
Lies that have convinced us that our bodies can somehow magically adapt to sleeping less. But just leaves you lethargic all day long and unable to make sound decisions at work.

Or that we need to pull all-nighters to succeed because sleeping in or napping is a sign of laziness. But instead burns you out making less productive and more prone to stress and anxiety.

Or that sleeping pills are the answer to a good night’s rest. But have instead led millions addicted to dangerous drugs pedalled ‘Big Pharma’ companies as they continue to line their pockets.

Lies that have led us to forget one of the most crucial pillars of our health and wellness.

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The mastery of sleep – Michael Breus – Mindvalley
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