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After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2019

We were dying to learn about meditation and internet marketing which would help us improve our personal and professional life. But as we saw extremely high prices of every online course that we came across, we wondered how we will be able to afford it. We collected 20 people in our social circle who wanted the same course and each contributed 1/20 of the price and bought the course. This is how we were born and have been doing the same ever since collecting courses to make them available to you.

A perfect fit for your every day life

What we have learnt

As we follow this process, we are able to offer original high definition videos and workbooks to you. This way we are offering the full knowledge from these authors in a very easy and affordable way. The only thing we don’t offer is the author’s official email support and private community. But we have learnt that the huge discount we offer is much more valuable than any support the author’s offer. 

Simplicity in design and form

Launch of The Course Library

In 2019, we started our extremely easy to use online streaming platform. Call it the Netfilx of knowledge and personal growth. It comes with the following features:

  • High Speed Streaming 24×7
  • No limit on simultaneous screen watching. Every member of your family can study individual courses at his own pace
  • Watch on mobile and save videos for offline viewing in the android mobile app
  • Track your progress with an intuitive learning platform.
Guaranteed original videos and lifetime access

Of all courses

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