Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion – Masterclass



Daniel Pink is an influential voice in the evolving landscape of sales and motivation. Now the author of To Sell Is Human teaches you science-backed principles for effective and ethical sales and persuasion.

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Learn tactics for achieving better outcomes in any interaction-at home or at work-and tools for framing your message, navigating cognitive biases, and pitching ideas, products, or yourself.

16 video lessons (2h 57m)
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1. Meet Your Instructor
2. Sales Trends
3. Attunement: Finding Common Ground
4. Serve Your Audience
5. Exercise: Creating a Discussion Map
6. Clarity: Making Your Message Count
7. Getting Others to Act
8. Create a Connection by Mimicking
9. Persuasive Framing
10. Pitching Like a Pro
11. Exercise: Asking for a Raise
12. Buoyancy: Develop a Resilient Mindset
13. Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert
14. Persuade Yourself: How to Self-Motivate
15. Using Timing to Become a Better Persuader
16. Beginnings, Middles, and Endings

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Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion – Masterclass