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At Little Humans, the experts and knowledge we curate are all based on six ‘pillars’ that form the foundation of an effective and compassionate parent. We call this framework Transformational Parenting – because once you apply it in your own personal way, it will transform how you nurture your child for the better.

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What You’ll Learn
The Transformation You Will Experience
You’re A Stronger Communicator

Whether it’s a brief conversation before school, or a lengthy heart-to-heart, you know how to speak to your child with love, clarity, and openness – and so do they.

You Set More Effective Rules & Boundaries

Children thrive on healthy rules and boundaries. You understand how to set sustainable ones that both you and them can honor over the long run.

You Lead By Example

You are your child’s biggest influence – and you always show up in a way that inspires and assures your child, without losing the essence of who you are.

You Make Better Decisions

It can often be hard to know if you’re making the right choices as a parent – but with intuition and the right perspectives, you’re now far more consistent.

You Help Resolve Challenges & Conflict

When faced with challenges or conflict, your child often looks to you for guidance. You know exactly how to help them resolve it themselves, and learn the best lessons.

You Encourage Better Habits & Rituals

You’ve successfully encouraged your child to trade the junk food and technology addictions with productive daily habits that help them stay healthy and productive.

You Inspire Confidence & Resilience

You’re equipped to help your child learn new skills, believe in themselves, and never give up when the going gets tough.

You Provide Limitless Love & Support

You’ve become a safe space for your child, and they always know they can count on you for love, support, and guidance.

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Little Humans – Bonus – Mindvalley
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