The 5 Elements of Happiness – Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar – Mindvalley



Discover 5 steps to deep and fulfilling happiness in different dimension of your life, wake up every morning with more joy and purpose

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A program for the person seeking a happier, richer life

All your life you’ve been told that happiness is just one big goal away.

Maybe it’s a dream job with a life-changing paycheck. A huge bungalow. A fast car. Exotic vacations. A blissful marriage with lots of kids.

But what if much of what you’re chasing for happiness is in reality pulling you further away from it?

According to Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, a renowned lecturer who’s taught two of Harvard’s most popular classes in history on this very topic –

The pursuit of happiness as most people know it, is a myth.

Over decades of study across various fields, he’s synthesized authentic happiness into a formula he calls the 5 Elements of Happiness.

This program – his first ever with Mindvalley – is your opportunity to learn about the science of happiness with one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject.

This program explores key elements taken from the online educational programs offered by Dr. Tal Ben Shahar’s Happiness Studies Academy: The “Certificate in Happiness Studies” & The “Master’s Degree in Happiness Studies”

For complete information about this course, visit the course link below:

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The 5 Elements of Happiness – Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar – Mindvalley
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