The Master Lover Method – James Marshall


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Previously only taught in person to a small group of elite students each year, the Master Lover Method is the world’s most in-depth practical course teaching you how to become incredible in bed and turn women into your willing playthings by mastering the full spectrum of sexual possibilities.
Inside the program, I reveal 52 modules with literally hundreds of progressively layered sexual mastery techniques. Starting from basic touch, leadership & positions to advanced techniques and fantasy sequences for peak orgasmic pleasure.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to do in bed is broken down in easy to implement steps: from the technical aspects, to common mistakes, to confidently introducing it all to your partners.
The course contains more than fifty hours of uncensored tutorials, demonstrating every technique on camera in explicit detail with five sexy models Nodding.

Whether you’re just starting out on your sexual journey or already have years of sexual experience; this program will supercharge your current bedroom skills, giving you the power, confidence, and expertise to be the best she’s ever had.
The depressing truth is that most men on average only last about five to seven minutes in bed. Even if they can hold on for a little longer, they still lack a proper understanding of female arousal and the skills to help her open up and express her most sexually creative self.

The Master Lover Method – James Marshall