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A 19-day program for transcending the negative charges inside and around you: and embracing a Miracle Mentality that ignites new possibilities in your work, purpose, and passions.

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A program for the person looking to rise above the chaos, mundanity, and pressures of the world

Do you still remember how magical life felt as a child?

The excitement of trying a new ice cream flavor.

The giddy anticipation of birthdays and sleepovers.

The vivid daydreams of adventures in far-off lands, as you sat fidgeting in class.

What happened to all that magic?

Maybe it was snuffed out decades ago by bills, responsibilities, setbacks, worries, arguments, mind-numbing chores, and panic attack-inducing schedules.

And in recent years, even more so as you navigate a world that’s getting more uncertain and chaotic by the day.

If it ever feels like your days of wonder are behind you, you’re not alone.

What if the magic never really left you?

What if every new day still felt like a thrilling adventure?

What if a miracle always felt like it was just around the corner?

And what if you could step into all of this by just diving within… and your wildest dreams all felt not just possible, but inevitable?

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Magical Living – Tim Storey – Mindvalley
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