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A 7-day program for women that reconnects you with your body, and opens you to deeper self-love, orgasms, and pleasure with yourself, your partner, and your life.

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A program for the woman who craves deeper pleasure: in sex and in life

Does it ever feel like your pleasure has been put on the backburner?

It might be from a gap in your sex life: whether it’s sex with your partner, self-love, or the quality and consistency of your orgasms.

Or maybe the crushing stress of work and daily life is draining you of the energy to indulge in your sensuality.

Or it could be something deeper: like a feeling of separation with your own body, a sense of unworthiness or shame, or even a disconnection from your feminine essence.

This program with renowned sex, love, and relationship coach Bibi Brzozka is a 7-day journey for returning your feminine pleasure back where it belongs: at the center of your life.

On this journey, you’ll discover what it really means to choose pleasure daily.

And you’ll bring a whole new level of sensuality, intimacy, and confidence to your sex life. To your relationship with your partner. And most importantly, to yourself.

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Waves of Pleasure – Bibi Brzozka – Mindvalley
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