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Scale your business to $1 million with the proven strategies from the founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the bestselling author of Scaling Up

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A business program for the entrepreneur or professional looking to grow their company rapidly, sustainably, and profitably

Everyone says “start a business”: but how many can show you how to grow it?

Maybe you have a business that hasn’t quite reached the grand vision you had when you started it.

You might be stuck in a 5 or 6-figure annual revenue cycle when you want to make a bigger profit and impact.

And perhaps you’ve experimented with scaling your team, products, or services – only to find the process is often nerve-wracking, chaotic, and even hazardous to everything you’ve built so far.

If growing your business is a struggle, you’re stuck in one of the most common entrepreneurial traps around.

In America alone, there are over 31 million small businesses, with three new ones launched per minute.

Yet of the fraction that survives their first few years, barely 9% ever cross a million dollars in annual revenue: widely known as a crucial milestone for sustainability.

According to preeminent business growth expert Verne Harnish, the reason for this is simple:

Most businesses fail to scale because they rarely receive the strategic guidance and support that startups do.

But the truth is, scaling your business doesn’t need to be an anxiety-inducing guessing game. Nor do you need to hold out for a generous investment or windfall.

Verne’s signature growth tools are immediately accessible to businesses of all levels. As the founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a prolific international speaker and coach, he’s used them to scale over 80,000 companies over the past four decades – including Mindvalley.

And by applying them through this program, you too can start rapidly scaling to $1 million and beyond: as you build a business that meets and then exceeds your highest entrepreneurial goals.
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Scale Your Business to $1 Million – Verne Harnish – Mindvalley
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