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Embody your fullest presence in every moment, and shine brighter for yourself and the people around you

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A program for the person who wants to experience life with greater consciousness and intention.

“I need to be more present.”

If you’re like most busy people, you likely think this all the time.

Like when you’re torn from a family dinner or an outing with friends because you’re thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list.

Or when you’ve just spent an hour mindlessly scrolling through social media, when you should have been working or being productive.

A prominent Harvard University study shows most of us spend half our waking hours living outside of the moment.

But how exactly do you stop letting external pressures and your own negative patterns get the better of you?

And rather than getting frustrated with how hard it can be to just be present – what if you could switch on your fullest presence, as easily as a light switch?

The peak state known as Ultra Presence is the answer: and when you discover how to embody it, you’ll begin to show up in an entirely new, more connected, and more conscious way for yourself and the people around you.

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Ultra Presence – Juan Pablo Barahona – Mindvalley
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