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“Why must I suffer?”

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You might sometimes wonder this when yet another setback knocks you off balance.

Or when the weight of your inner turmoil leaves you shaking with stress and anxiety.

Pain and suffering can often feel inevitable.

And the remedies prescribed to you – like therapy, meditation, exercise, and supplements – are often focused on helping you live with it.

But what if instead of just managing suffering – you could instead completely transcend it in every moment of your life?

This is the message of Sadhguru: the exalted yogi and visionary whose teachings have liberated millions worldwide.

According to Sadhguru, there is a brighter path you can choose to walk on, starting right now.

One that rewards you with a reinvigorated joy for life. Unconditional love for yourself and all that is. And a smile and a kind thought for every moment.

Even in the fiercest of storms.

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A Yogi’s Guide to Joy – Sadhguru – Mindvalley
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