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Join the founder of the global Daybreaker movement as you learn how to build a Dream Community that lights up your world with deep bliss, connection, and belonging

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This program is for anyone looking to build movements or communities around any idea, business, or value system.

Your people are out there, and they can’t wait to find you…

The people who make you feel alive.

The ones who light up your heart and soul with thrilling new possibilities.

The humans you could spend a lifetime dancing with, adventuring with, building movements and businesses with, and even changing the world with.

Every now and then you’ll find these special individuals at a weekend retreat. A work conference. A chance encounter. Or perhaps even at a Mindvalley event.

And in these magic moments, you realize you’re not alone. There are others just like you.

But often, life then gets in the way.

People get busy. The sparks fade. Once-deep connections are lost or weakened over time.

And once again, you find yourself searching for your people.

This program is about never having to search again.

Radha Agrawal is one of the world’s leading experts in community building.

Her global Daybreaker dance movement is home to over 500,000 members worldwide. Her community building frameworks are used everywhere from Boston University to Facebook to Adidas.

And in just 17 days, she’ll empower you with the skills, tools, identity shifts, and self-mastery for building your own curated Dream Community of extraordinary friends and allies that uplift you every day for a lifetime.

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Build Your Dream Community – Radha Agrawal – Mindvalley
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