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Become a leader who transforms the people around you with Monty Moran, the visionary CEO who turned Chipotle into one of the world’s most beloved restaurants

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A program for the business leader who wants to lead, live, and grow at the highest level, while serving as an uplifting force for good

The philosophy of Monty Moran, the visionary CEO who rocketed Chipotle into the stratosphere, can be summed up in one phrase:

Stop managing, and start leading.

According to Monty, many leaders spend their most vital years acting as glorified managers, instead of realizing their fullest potential as leaders.

And you too might be struck in this trap, if you’ve yet to fully master critical skills like:

Developing a magnetic presence that inspires your people to want to follow you.
Crafting and upholding unstoppable visions that drive company-wide passion, collaboration, and momentum.
Designing a world-class company culture that brings in the best people, and brings out the best in each of them.
And cultivating a rich inner world that allows you to live and work in perpetual inspiration, connection, humanity, and gratitude – even in the most challenging times.

All these skills and more come together in a peak state Monty calls Transformational Leadership.

This is the state he’s perfected to build one of the business world’s greatest stories of growth, culture, and positive impact.

And through his first-ever Mindvalley program: you too can now master Transformational Leadership, and revolutionize both your business and life as a leader.

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The Transformational Leader – Monty Moran – Mindvalley
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