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Learn how to make your brand unstoppable so you attract customers and revenue with ease

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A program for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to build a brand that commands next-level growth, loyalty, and impact

When a brand is operating at its peak, it doesn’t just reap extraordinary profits and market share: but also becomes a catalyst for something far greater.

Great brands wield great influence. Brands like Apple, Disney, and Harley Davidson transform people’s thoughts and identities. They spark global movements. They create inspiring role models. And they reward their custodians with limitless opportunities to grow, give back, and make an impact.

But if you’re in charge of a brand or business, you’ll know how challenging it can be to unlock its full potential.

Maybe you’ve studied branding experts and tried to apply their knowledge.

You might have engaged costly branding agencies to help you uncover your brand’s identity and competitive advantage.

And you may have even asked your customers and leads to help you refine your offer and messaging.

But according to visionary brand architect Jeffrey Perlman, the key to unleashing an Unstoppable Brand lies nowhere else but with the person closest to it:


Jeffrey is widely regarded as one of today’s most gifted brand builders, having transformed Zumba from a tiny startup into a global fitness phenomenon worth $550 million.

Even Mindvalley’s growth into the world’s leading personal transformation company is the result of Jeffrey’s branding work: from our messaging, to our mission, to how you feel when you study a Mindvalley program or attend a Mindvalley event.

Jeffrey’s signature approach to branding has given rise to legendary brands that become household names. Yet it’s also unlike anything you’ll find from any other branding agency or expert.

And through this program, he guides you through every step of his system: so you too – no matter where you’re at today – can build your own Unstoppable Brand.

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Building an Unstoppable Brand – Jeffrey Perlman – Mindvalley
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