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Build a magnetic personal brand that multiplies your income, impact, and influence

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A program for the entrepreneur, professional, or leader seeking a major breakthrough in impact and income

Do the people you work with know who you really are?

Can you walk into any meeting or negotiation and share all your truths with total confidence?

And does fear of judgment or being ‘caught out’ ever hold you back from taking the stage, closing a deal, or tackling a challenge that could transform you and your business forever?

Authenticity is among the most common – yet least talked about – challenges for all entrepreneurs and leaders.

Studies show 90% of entrepreneurs are fixated on what others think. Nearly 80% are anxious about public speaking. And almost 100% struggle with self-doubt and insecurity for a lifetime.

If you’re not showing up with fearless authenticity for yourself and your business, you’re leaving a lot on the table…

Which is why Gerard Adams wants to break your mask.

A celebrated eight-figure entrepreneur and ‘leader of leaders’, Gerard’s first-ever Mindvalley program is a deep dive into the business of YOU.

In just 18 days, you’ll experience a seismic shift towards unconditional self-expression. Courage and vulnerability with yourself, your team members, and your clients. And new levels of income, impact, and influence, fuelled by the awakening of your unique powers and presence.

All by designing and perfecting the single most important asset for unshakable authenticity: a personal brand.

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The Science of Personal Branding – Gerard Adams – Mindvalley
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