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With Qigong Master Lee Holden As Your Guide, Gain A Rewarding And Easy Daily Qigong Practice That Keeps You Strong, Mobile & Energized At Any Age.

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What if getting weak, withered, and tired was a bitter pill you didn’t have to swallow?

And what if you could keep moving, exploring, performing, and evolving like someone in the prime of their life – even well into your golden years?

According to the ancient practice of Qigong, this is not a fantasy. But rather your natural birthright, awakened by harnessing the bio-electric life force energy – ‘Qi’ – inside you and all around you.

For over 4,500 years, Qigong practitioners have applied this remarkable body of knowledge to achieve what many in the West would consider impossible:

A lifetime of youthful vitality, mobility, wellness, and mental clarity – regardless of age.

In recent years, clinical studies and the scientific method have been applied to verify these claims: and what we now know as fact is astounding.

A simple Qigong practice, in just a few minutes a day, can completely transform you. Mind, body, and soul.

From reversing aging, to improving organ functions, to banishing stress, anxiety, and even physical pain: the rewards are vast and profound.

Qigong is for everyone, regardless of age, lifestyle, or physical ability.

And the Modern Qigong program with Lee Holden – one of the Western world’s foremost Qigong experts and pioneers – is your opportunity to enjoy the life-changing benefits of this ancient practice for yourself.

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Modern Qi Gong – Lee Holden – Mindvalley
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